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Our Mission

Our primary mission is to provide comfort to the elderly in Lebanon and peace of mind to their families, whether they reside in Lebanon or abroad. We aim to enable them to live a more fulfilling and ordinary life. Having experienced the challenges and demands of caring for elderly family members ourselves, you can trust us to help you and your loved ones regain a sense of normalcy and ease in your lives.


Michel Choueiri Building

Corniche El Mazraa

Beirut, Lebanon


Monday - Friday 10:00 am to 2:00 pm

and by Appointment

Our Services

We are dedicated to personalized care for the elderly and their caregivers. From daily assistance to tailored activities, we extend independence and treat our members like family. Experience the difference with us.
We offer a wide range of services catering for the needs of older adults, allowing them to socialize with fellow senior citizens and emphasizing compassion and respect within a secure, engaging and understanding environment, under the supervision of our team of specialists, who propose various activities promoting their cognitive and physical well-being.
We provide our services both at our center, and in the comfort of your own home. Additionally, we offer reliable transportation to and from our center, and our compassionate companionship services include accompanying older adults to medical and other appointments. Our trained drivers are experienced in caring for individuals with dementia and other age-related challenges.
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About Us

Our story starts with N.D., who, because of the limited number of establishments providing advanced care for older adults in Lebanon, founded La Maison de Nounou after she struggled to find suitable care for her mother in her combat against dementia. Partnering with E.D., the psychologist who treated N.D.’s mother as her first dementia patient, they jointly devoted their efforts to develop the concept and give it form, motivated by their strong empathy and the vital necessity of catering to the needs of the elderly in their community. The fruit of these joint efforts, La Maison de Nounou, is a human-centered solution benefiting all senior citizens living in the vicinity.


"La Maison de Nounou provided excellent care for my mother. The staff were knowledgeable and compassionate, and my mother quickly felt at home." 

- Sarah H.

"Après chaque séance de physiothérapie, Teta réussit à se lever toute seule et elle est de bonne humeur... c'est comme de la magie!"

- Julienne et Simone

"My mom absolutely adores your specialists. She's feeling much better – her knees and joints hurt less, and she's also noticed an improvement in her mood, feeling less short-tempered"

- Nadine K.

"I cannot recommend La Maison de Nounou highly enough. The team went above and beyond to ensure my father's needs were met." - Soumaya P.

مرسي عكل الاهتمام. صار فيّ اضهر كم ساعة براة البيت"
"وانا مطمني بالي

- J. B.

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